Kristian Lyngstøl's Blog

Who Am I?


I am Kristian Lyngstøl, a hacker born in the dwindling days of 1983 in the city of Oslo. I use this site to write about anything that's on my heart, from photography, to coding, to cycling, to coding, through home renovation projects, to coding and some times about myself.

From time to time there's overlap with what I happen to work on, but none of what I write here is in any way official or things I've been told to write.

You can reach me at, but I am horrible at keeping up with mail (nothing personal), so you may have to poke me extra.

You can also find me on a number of IRC networks, where I go under the mysterious nickname Kristian, or KristianL if that's taken. Try EFNet or

That's not enough, you say?

Well, here's some interests of mine:

  • Hacking on fun stuff
  • Photography (I'm a happy amateur)
  • Computer parties (arranging them, not attending them)
  • Free Software
  • Cycling

I currently work at Redpill Linpro AS. My one sentence resume is: Redpill Linpro 2008-2010, Varnish Software 2010-2013, Blue Coat/Norman Shark 2013-2015, Redpill Linpro 2015- (september). Before that I had a stint as a Compiz developer (an OpenGL window manager written in C. It played a central part in shaping the modern Linux desktop).

I'm part of the (volunteer) crew at The Gathering and Sørlanet and I was one of the founders of BølerLAN, though we haven't arranged BølerLAN for a while now. I've done a lot of different things at computer parties, from server management to people management. I've been "bouncer" and board member at the same time at Sørlanet.

I have ADHD, which you can read a bit about at That blog post is easily the most important blog post I've ever written, largely thanks to the overwhelmingly positive response I've gotten, both in comments (mostly lost now), mail, real life, IRC and more. I've tried several times to write a follow up, but I'm fairly lost for words when I think about the response I got.

Also, check out .