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Zoom with focus tracking and fixed zoom factors

Posted on 2007-05-23

Got focus tracking in place, it's not perfect, it's not polished, but it's quite addictive. So what exactly is it? Well, zoom in on a window, say a 24*80 terminal, then switch focus to another terminal, and watch the zoom tag along. It's a fluent animation, and you'll even see your mouse move during the animation.

The mouse movement is necessary until we can redirect input. To understand this better, you can download my plugin and disable "Sync Mouse" , which will disable the syncing of mouse and zoom area, and leave you with an input that is practically unusable, since what you think you're clicking, isn't really there.

Also got fixed zoom factors working, and realized I could make a list of bindings instead of statically defining three after the fact. I'll probably improve this when I get the time.

All in all a good few days. I am in no way satisfied with the quality of the code yet, but this experimenting is showing me what I need to fix, and is laying the fundamentals for the real work to come. The code is quite stable, however, so it shouldn't be very risky to try it out.