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eZoom, Orca and GNOME Boston

Posted on 2007-10-07

I'm currently at day two of the GNOME Boston summit (, and I spent time yesterday discussing and pushing some of my orca hacks off to Joanmarie who're going to fix them up and get Orca talking to eZoom.

We talked about creating a new API for general accessibility functionality to complement AT-SPI, for instance with regards to what Orca is actually doing, but decided somewhat against it as it is not really necessary. The existing D-Bus interface that eZoom offers will likely be refined to cover the needs that we discover during the implementation of eZoom-control in Orca.

The support for a cross hair for the mouse cursor was also requested, and I agreed to look into implementing it inside of eZoom, even though it could be done as a separate plugin. The reason I'm considering this is twofold: First; if you are using the cross hair you are almost certainly using eZoom too. Second; Due to the mouse code in eZoom, it is difficult and hacky at best to figure out where the zoomed cursor is.

Since I already had a patch for Orca and a reasonably sane D-Bus interface in eZoom, these discussions left me with little specific to do here in Boston since we decided to go with what we have instead of creating something new, but I assume I'll be put to work when we all catch up, as I've been promised several(?) RFE's, which is a good thing.