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BølerLAN - The little computer party that could

Posted on 2009-01-29

I've been helping out with BølerLAN twice a year since the winter of 2003 now, and we're just about getting ready for yet another party.

When I started out, we were 10-15 people who were interested. It took 2 years from idea to reality, by which time, most of the people I knew had backed out. Nevertheless, I helped out (driving 300km*2 to do it, I might add), and 30-50 people had a great amount of fun.

Today, we're selling tickets ( with a hope of reaching 125 participants. We focus on pure fun and a healthy environment. We cooperate closely with Østensjø Bydel, who, among other things, provide around-the-clock personell in case of any troubles.

Participants are mostly kids in the age 13 to 20, a few like me manage to reach ages like 25-26. The majority being around 16. I just hope I don't intimidate the kids with my dinosaur-like age.

Anyway, if you live in Oslo and you know someone who might be interested, let them know that BølerLAN is a great place to be. It's safe, has cheap (but decent) food and caters to the average computer-interested teenager.

* BølerLAN 09 is held in Bøler Flerbrukshall, right next to Bøler T-Bane. It starts  at 13:37 on February 14th (Saturday) and lasts to February 17th, roughly noon. That's the beginning of week 8, which is winter holidays for most school kids in the Oslo-vicinity.*

Oh, and if you want to, you can bring your own sofa. Seriously. I'll even help you carry it. (Just not to your seat, as that might be a bit of a tight fit).

Edit: Ops, might want to mention the time and place.