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Git master going wild

Posted on 2009-02-11

So this weekend I finally got the core Compiz 0.8 branch mostly finished, and master was freed up for development. Compiz++ was essentially renamed master.

I bet that was fun for all the folks using semi-automated git scripts to build compiz. Suddenly they get a real development branch with a small fraction of working plugins. This is assuming that the equally automated build process actually succeeded.

Anyway. Git is dangerous these days. If you for reasons unknown need it, either use the 0.8 branch and the merged plugin repositories, or be prepared to spend a few hours to get master working to some degree. There will be significant changes in the days to come as we set up submodules. You may already have noticed that we're not using fd.o for git any more. Frankly, if you're not a developer, just wait for Compiz 0.8.0. It's right around the corner.

There are also some plugins which we are intentionally leaving behind in Compiz 0.9. GConf being one, as ccp has gconf support. This, in turn, should render the glib-plugin fairly useless. And then there's the whole build system being up in the air as we're about to shift to CMake, submodules and a different language which comes with different deps.  If you're not a core developer, I urge you to wait for 0.9.0 or use 0.8.0 once released. Compiz 0.9.0 will still have plenty of issues for you to find, but it should at least be functional.

Oh, and Guillaume told me we'll finally have It's being transfered, so a day or three from this should do it. Then you can reach me at kristian@{beryl-project,compiz-fusion,opencompositing,compiz}.org. And we can start worrying about re-branding everything.

(Edit: Testers: Wait for 0.9.0. Normal users: Go for 0.8.0)