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Wikish - Mediawiki-editing on command line

Posted on 2010-02-16 (or wikish) is a shell-script I wrote to work with our internal mediawiki-wikis. It's functional for both the new varnish-software wiki and the old redpill-linpro wiki I use.

Basically it lets you edit wiki-content with vi, vim, gvim or even nvi. Very simple, and a result of mvs, wikipediafs and mediawiki-fuse being seemingly horrible messes. It also makes it possible for me to easily script copy/pasting from one wiki to an other without much hassel. All in all it's a little over 200 lines of sh-code using lwp-request/curl and awk. It works.

Get it from: (

Currently doesn't support "normal" mediawiki-login, but rpl and varnish-software use basic auth over ssl and work fine. I'll gladly add normal login if someone gives me an account on a wiki they own and operate where I can test it (not wikipedia please, unless you are wikimedia).

Usage example: wikiedit "Main Page". (that simple, yes)

PS: Sorry for hijacking the name.